Automatic Taps with Zero Pressure for water cooler
October 5, 2020
Automatic Urinal Sensor ( DC) – Exposed
October 5, 2020

Automatic Urinal Sensor (Urinal Sensor AC/DC) – Concealed

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Power: 6V DC
Operation: No-touch intelligent flush infra-red sensor
Sensing Range: 500mm Adjustable
Water pressure: 0.02 MPa–0.8 Mpa (*0.05 Mpa is minimum required pressure for decent flow of water)
Flush Time: 7-8 Seconds Post flush
Usp: Easily Serviceable inbuilt solenoid valve in S.S wall box
Setting: Sensing range (or detection zone) adjustment pot given at sensor
By default, the range is preset at optimum value
Alter setting only if necessary

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1. INNOVATIVE & INTELLIGENT SENSE: Touch-free technology provides an easy to use, convenient and unique faucet experience. Hands-free operation for enhanced sanitation.
2. ATTRACTIVE & ROBUST MATERIAL: Simple, clean, stylish design – Heavy-duty chrome plated Brass metal body. Solid brass construction for durability
3. ENERGY SAVING IN THE LONG TERM: Energy efficiency reduce the total bill amount in dwellings.
4. WATER CONSERVATION: Water-efficient faucet reduces overall water usage without sacrificing water. Simultaneously instrumental to help reduce water wastage.
5. HYGIENIC: Hygiene is one of the key benefits of sensor taps.
6.EASY INSTALLATION: Easy Installation without any skills, Trouble-free installation with a guaranteed great result every time.

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