Orchids International Surface Mounting Bollard
November 26, 2021

Orchids International Ground Mounted Bollard

1,235.60 900.00

Model No – OR/BL/01
Material: Stainless Steel
Height of Pole ( Above Ground): 900 mm
Height of Pole (Below Ground): 300mm
Thickness of Pipe: 1.2 mm
Weight Approx: 4.5 Kgs
Diameter of Pole: 101 mm

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The Orchids International Ground Mounted Embedded Steel Safety Bollard is ideal for long-term installation in parking lots, garages, and warehouses. Bollards from Orchids International provide strong barriers to defend your building, provide marked lanes, and improve the overall security of your business or parking lots. Orchids Ground Mounted Bollard, This steel bollard is ideal for new construction and has a built-in post for supporting the bollard in freshly poured concrete. Orchids International’s in-ground bollard posts provide high-visibility protection If there are visible signs, drivers and pedestrians will be more aware of places prone to damage or blind traffic.

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